What To Expect in Burnsville

Chiropractic Burnsville MN What To Expect

Welcome to your First Visit to Discover Chiropractic

Are you curious about how your first Burnsville chiropractic appointment will go? Check out Chiropractor Dr. Bernard O'Brien's step by step process below!

Your First Visit In Burnsville

  • Step One:
    All new patients will be asked to fill out our new patient forms as completely as possible.

    • Time-saving tip: Download the new patient forms from our website and fill them out prior to your arrival, turn them in at the front desk, and we will begin the new patient procedures promptly.
      Click HERE to download our new patient forms
  • Step Two:
    If you did not download the new patient forms online proceed with step two.

    • The reception desk will provide you with the new patient intake forms which will need to be filled out before your consultation with the doctor. The completeness of the intake forms will assist the doctor in determining the proper course of action in your health care plan.
  • Step Three:
    Your one-on-one consultation with the doctor to discuss your health issues and care plan, the doctor will ask you some questions to get the best understanding of your health history and any injuries you may have sustained in the past.
  • Step Four:
    We believe that a patient must be committed to their health care and if they are not we reserve the right to deny them as a patient at Discover Chiropractic. To be considered the doctors must:

    • Go through an evaluation of your health history
      Determine if Chiropractic care is the proper course of care for you
    • Establish a doctor-doctor relationship with the patient. Only you can make the choice of health.
    • The doctor will then perform a focused chiropractic examination and evaluation which will include orthopedic tests, postural assessment, and palpation of your spine, to help better understand your body, and determine a course of action.
      • A series of x-ray films will be taken which allows the doctor to examine problem areas and assists the doctor in making the most beneficial adjustments to your spine. X-rays are an invaluable tool in the chiropractic discipline and will help you achieve better results in your care.
  • Step Five:
    The doctor will review all of your intake information, x-rays, and any information gained from the initial examination. At this time an appointment will be scheduled and you will be given a report of findings by the doctor. This report will explain the doctor's findings and his recommended best course of action for your health care plan. Some of the areas covered by the doctor in the report of findings will be:

    • X-ray findings that may be contributing to your current problems and future spinal degeneration concerns.
    • What Discover Chiropractic expects of its patients.
    • What the cost of your health care plan will be, and payment options.


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